The Capreolus Club is a unique members club
committed to the environment via a
climate-focused diet 
and to the
betterment of species through the careful
selection of sustainable, wild, free-ranging animals



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Feral Goat Stalking 350

Feral Goat Stalking 

The Capreolus Club is proud to be able to offer Feral Goat stalking in the North of England and Scotland.

Feral Goats have been present in the UK since neolithic times and became feral when sheep replaced goats as the favoured domestic stock in the middle ages. The Capreolus Club is able to arrange trips for it's members to stalk these wild, free-range Feral Goats through its list of quality providers.

If you want to hunt in the UK and fancy taking a break from deer, then Fearl Goat Stalking is a must.