The Capreolus Club is a unique members club
committed to the environment via a
climate-focused diet 
and to the
betterment of species through the careful
selection of sustainable, wild, free-ranging animals



Supported by

Swarovski 2

The Jugged Hare London

Thurs 07th APRIL 2022 

Social Event - Club dinner at the 'Jugged Hare' London    

The Jugged Hare, 49 Chiswell St, London is London’s finest Game-Inspired Gastro Pub. It is the perfect location for a deer stalking club to meet for dinner and ideal for those of our members that work in the city.

Devoted to ‘game’ cookery, this fun venue has recipes ranging from venison to squirrel croquettes and crispy crumbed pheasant and is a must for hunters and shooters.

£Members simply enjoy a night out and meet the cost of their own dinner and drinks.