The Capreolus Club is a unique members club
actively involved in UK Deer Management
and the Hunting of Large Game worldwide



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Sat 28th SEPTEMBER 2019  

Club Range Day - Special Event - PDS Woodland Stalker Challenge  


In one of the club’s most popular, annual events, we will be holding our 'PDS Woodland Stalker Challenge' a course which is designed to enhance members marksmanship over a series of targets, that are designed to present scenarios likely to be encountered by the woodland stalker.

Stalk a realistic hunting scenario, but instead of live quarry we use interactive steel discs and life size steel deer targets. This course starts with a briefing and features targets strategically placed along a woodland path and gorge at distances up to 200 yards. Test your observation skills, safety, distance judgement and holdover technique. 

You’ll be welcomed with drinks and a superb demonstration of cookery on the open-air grill, courtesy of ‘Game Changer’ and the opportunity to take shots from standing, kneeling and freehand in a variety of challenging positions.

The Capreolus Club will be selecting its ‘top guns’ from this event to participate as part of the club’s A-Team against other teams from the shooting world, during the ‘Woodland Stalker Final’ on Saturday 12th October.

Cost £TBC includes lunch courtesy of the superb ‘Game Changer’ and two rounds of the ‘Woodland Stalker Challenge’.