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Deer Gralloching, Inspection and Butchery Masterclass
£325 for Capreolus Club members / £395 for non members

The Capreolus Club has teamed up with highly experienced professional stalker and deer manager Peter Leach, to deliver a Deer Gralloching, Inspection & Butchery Masterclass at a country estate in Wadhurst, East Sussex.

This is a unique and rare opportunity in the deer world, designed to demonstrate the principles of extraction, gralloching and lardering of deer according to best practice guidelines, all set in one of the UK's most respected deer parks and conducted by one of the UK's leading deer experts. 

This one day training event is relevant and open to all deer stalkers, and will prove invaluable to those who have their own grounds and/or are undertaking the PDS2 or DSC2 certificate.  

The course will be held at the estate's new, fully equipped deer larder facility and will involve a detailed and highly interesting demonstration of gralloching two freshly shot deer carcasses, demonstrating both field and suspended gralloching techniques and hygienic lardering.

Following this, will be an in-depth session on carcass inspection and how to identify potential deer diseases. We will also show you how to skin and butcher deer for your own consumption. Our own James Mott will demonstrate the process involved in taking a deer 'in its jacket' to the main joints and cuts ready to cook.

The butchery techniques on display will give you the confidence to tackle butchery in your own home or in the field.

Each attendee will have the opportunity to take home fresh Venison prepared during the day. 

Fresh coffee and tea will be available throughout the day. Lunch is included, and you will be able to sample some of the venison prepared in the morning, in the form of freshly cooked venison filled baguettes prepared on the day over an open grill. 

A PDS Deer Gralloching, Inspection and Butchery certificate will be issued to everyone on the day.

If you would like to join us, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 01403 790244 / 07894 146643. 

Time: 9.30am - approx 3.00pm

£325 for Capreolus Club members / £395 for non members