The Capreolus Club is a unique members club
committed to the environment via a
climate-focused diet 
and to the
betterment of species through the careful
selection of sustainable, wild, free-ranging animals



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Pigeon Shooting Capreolus Club

New Date TBC 

Special Event - Pigeon Shooting over Decoys    
£250 + vat. Incudes your guide, hides, decoys & dinner. 

For our money shooting Wood Pigeon over decoys offers some of the most affordable, fun bird shooting that money can buy.

In early February our Stalker in Exning; Clive (also a full time and highly respected Game Keeper) swipes the maize off the cover crops, something that results in plenty of hungry pigeons on the game strips. This year we’ll be waiting for them. We’re putting up ‘hides’ and setting out the decoys, so that members can enjoy a morning popping away at ‘woodies’. Its relaxing, its affordable, it helps protect crops, its necessary for the environment and it’s also great sport!

Why not put down the rifle and pick up the 12-bore this February.

We kick off at 08.30am in Exning and shoot through until dusk. After which its off to the nearby Rosery Country House Hotel to warm up in front of the fire and enjoy an early dinner.

£250-00 + vat Including your guide, the decoys and dinner.

NB: The excellent local Rosery Hotel also has rooms available for those that wish to stay over.