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Holland Holland 2020 CC

Sat 24th OCTOBER 2020 

'Schiesskino' Cinematographic Indoor Rifle Range Technology at Holland & Holland.   
£135 + vat*  

Holland & Holland Shooting Grounds at Northwood, offer arguably the finest shooting facilities in the country.

To compliment this superb facility and using the latest 'Schiesskino' cinematographic technology, Holland & Holland have introduced a superb indoor rifle range with a 10-meter by 3-meter cinema screen, located 25-meters from a firing point.

Using your own rifle or one loan from the club, members are invited to fire at moving targets ranging from Boar to Buffalo, all projected on to the screen in fornt of the shooter. 

Bullets penetrate the screen, the film pauses for three seconds and a laser illuminates your shot placement, before the film rolls on.

On hand during the morning to help improve your shooting will be one of H&H's top instructors, meaning that not only is this superb fun, but it is also invaluable expereince for those that wish to engage in 'driven large game shoots', such as the club's Driven Boar day in Croatia on the 06th November.

As if this were not enough, members also have the rare opportunity to fire a .416 Calibre in the form of the club's very own 'Medwell & Perrett' English Sporter Rifle in .416 Rigby. 

The Capreolus Club is proud to be have arranged a club day at this most prestigious venue for up to 6 rifles.

£135 + vat* (*Ammunition is supplied at cost)