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climate-focused diet 
and to the
betterment of species through the careful
selection of sustainable, wild, free-ranging animals



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Roebuck Capreolus Club Event

Fri 23rd JULY 2021 

Club Stalk Day - Special Event. The Roe Rut.  

Time and time again it is the 23rd July that marks the start of the Roe rut and this year, the 23rd falls fortuitously on a Friday!

As any hunter knows, the Roe rut is the prime time to be hunting Roebuck and represents the absolute highpoint in the summer Roebuck season.

To celebrate, the club will be holding a special, double stalk event, during what we hope, will be the opening day of the rut. We have arranged one stalk session after lunch and another in the evening after coffee and cake.

To kick the afternoon off in style, members are invited to meet at the award-winning Wellington Arms in Baughurst, Hampshire for a superb three-course lunch in the garden, followed by an insight into some of the techniques involved in Roe calling. Members will then be supplied with their own ‘buttalo call’ and an opportunity to put their skills to the test at calling and ‘grassing’ a buck. After our late afternoon session, it’s back to the Wellington Arms for Coffee and home baked cake on the lawn, before the commencement of round two!