The Capreolus Club is a unique members club
committed to the environment via a
climate-focused diet 
and to the
betterment of species through the careful
selection of sustainable, wild, free-ranging animals



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Chinese Water Deer Stalking 

Stalking for Chinese Water Deer (CWD) is confined to certain areas in the UK. This is due to this deer’s specific habitat of Reed beds, River Estuaries and grasslands.

CWD Stalking involves hunting one of the oldest species of living deer known to man, as they are thought to date back 35 Million Years!

Chinese Water Deer are peculiar to other UK Deer Species, due to the fact that the Bucks do not carry antlers, CWD do however exhibit long tusks.

The requirements of stalking Chinese Water Deer and their behaviour, usually dictates that the stalker use a flat shooting calibre. This is because shots are often taken at longer ranges than normal due to the deer's inclination to 'couch' in the middle of large open fields.

The Capreolus Club is delighted to have arranged numerous trips for its members to hunt this ancient species.