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betterment of species through the careful
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Muntjac Capreolus Club 350

Muntjac Stalking 

The Indian Sub species of Muntjac was first introduced into the UK at Woburn Abbey, Bedfordshire in 1893 by the Duke of Bedford, before subsequently being replaced by the secretive and diminutive 'Reeves Muntjac'.

After several deliberate releases and many escapes the 'Reeves Muntjac' has now colonised much of southern England. There expansion and ever increasing numbers, can in part be put down to the fact that they are the only deer species in the UK to be able to breed all year round, with does being able to give birth every 7 months!   

Notable for having visible canine tusks and typically weighing only around 10- 20kg on the hoof, they are one of the UK's smallest and most primitive deer species.

Muntjac make for some challenging and exciting deer stalking, which often involves the use of High Seats or stalking through thick cover and dense woodland. The Capreolus Club holds a number of free stalk days during which members can hunt this diminutive species. Alternatively the club is able to arrange Muntjac stalking for its members on numerous estates around the south east of England.