The Capreolus Club is a unique members club
committed to the environment via a
climate-focused diet 
and to the
betterment of species through the careful
selection of sustainable, wild, free-ranging animals



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The Capreolus Club, through our preferred network of suppliers, creates bespoke hunting trips, specifically tailored to suit members requirements.

Members can simply contact the Club’s secretary with a request for a particular species they would like to hunt, or area that they would like to visit and we’ll do the rest - including arranging travel, hunting permits and accommodation.

The Jugged Hare London

Thurs 07th APRIL 2022 

Social Event - Club dinner at the 'Jugged Hare' London    

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Red Deer Stalking Exmoor Capreolus Club

Fri 28th - Sat 29th OCTOBER 2022 

Overnight Trip - 'Exmoor Giants' - The Red Rut in Exmoor     
£1,150-00 + vat. Includes Drinks, Dinner Bed & breakfast.

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Muntjac Capreolus Club 350

Muntjac Stalking 

The Indian Sub species of Muntjac was first introduced into the UK at Woburn Abbey, Bedfordshire in 1893 by the Duke of Bedford, before subsequently being replaced by the secretive and diminutive 'Reeves Muntjac'.

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Roebuck Mayhem

Friday 06th MAY 2022  

Club Stalk Day - Special Event. 'Roebuck May-hem' 
£245 + vat

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Open Season UK

Tues 01st NOVEMBER 2022  

Club Stalk Day - Special Event - 1st Day of the 'Open Season'  
£280 + VAT All and any animals are FREE 

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Fallow Capreolus Club 350

Fallow Deer Stalking 

At the Capreolus Club we are able to offer Fallow Deer Stalking for its members over a number of beautiful private estates in the South East of England less than one hour from London.

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Club Lunch at HH

Sat 04th June 2022 

Lunch and Driven Boar Masterclass at Holland & Holland     

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Sika Rut Isle of Purbeck

Fri 04th - Sat 05th NOVEMBER 2022 

Overnight Trip - Sika Deer on the Isle of Purbeck, Dorset.     
£1,150.00 + vat. Includes Dinner Bed & breakfast. All cull animals (Hinds & Prickets) are just £95 + vat 

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Sika Deer 2

Sika Deer Stalking 

The UK offers some great opportunities to stalk Sika Deer. Sika Deer Stalking can be highly challenging as these deer are a secretive and whilly quarry.

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Roebuck Rut 2022

Fri 29th JULY 2022 

Club Stalk Day - Special Event. The Roe Rut.  
£480 + vat. All and any Roebuck and Muntjac are Included.

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Red Hind Stalking

Thurs 24th - Fri 25th NOVEMBER   

Red Hind Stalking, Dalness Estate, Glen Etive.      
£2250 + vat 

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CWD Capreolus Club 350

Chinese Water Deer Stalking 

Stalking for Chinese Water Deer (CWD) is confined to certain areas in the UK. This is due to this deer’s specific habitat of Reed beds, River Estuaries and grasslands.

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Sika Stag Dorset

Fri 14th - Sat 15th OCTOBER 2022 

The Sika Rut - Overnight Trip for Sika on the Isle of Purbeck    
£1,250.00 + vat. Includes Dinner Bed & breakfast. All Cull Stags (Prickets) are just £95 + vat.  

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Deer Stalking UK 1

Deer Stalking in the UK

Through our own list of stalking grounds, private estates and preferred suppliers, the Capreolus Club is able to offer its members stalking for all of the UK’s six species of deer.

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Roebuck Capreolus Club 350

Roe Deer Stalking 

Roe stalking offers some of the most exhilarating and exciting deer stalking in the world and can be at its very best in the South of England where numerous medal class animals are achieved on a yearly basis.

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Fallow Rut October

Fri 21st - Sat 22nd OCTOBER 2022 

The Fallow Rut - Overnight Trip for New Forest Fallow Buck.   
£895 + vat. Incudes Dinner & B&B. All Cull Animals just £95+ vat*. 

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Angus Glens 350

Red Deer Stalking 

The UK offers some great Deer Stalking and none more so than for the UK's native and iconic Red Deer.

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