The Capreolus Club is a unique members club
actively involved in UK Deer Management
and the Hunting of Large Game worldwide



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For those that wish to upgrade their membership ‘Capreolus Club PLUS’ offers suitably experienced members, the opportunity to simply ‘Book & Go Stalking’ unaccompanied, with just 24hrs notice, 365 days a year over thousands of acres of beautiful, rolling countryside.  

The scheme is open to all club members who are sufficiently qualified and experienced to be able to stalk on their own*.

For those who wish to join the scheme, but do not as-yet have sufficient experience, mentoring and training is available.

Currently the club is able to offer Capreolus Club PLUS at Salisbury, where we have exclusive use of 1000 acres of first class Fallow & Roe stalking. Here, unaccompanied stalking for Capreolus Club PLUS members, is available just 1.5 hours from London near West Grimstead, Wiltshire, just a 10 minute drive from the beautiful, historic, cathedral town of Salisbury.

The ground encompasses two beats a ‘North Beat’ and a ‘South Beat’. Each beat is around 400-500 acres and is of mixed arable, pasture and woodland. The ground has not been stalked for many years and is frequented by good numbers of Fallow and Roe deer with reports of rare sightings of Red and Sika deer.

Benefits of Capreolus Club PLUS are:

  • Deer Stalking on a simple ‘Book & Go’ basis with just 24hrs notice.
  • Exclusive use of 1000 acres of beautiful, rolling countryside, consisting of mixed arable, pasture & woodland.
  • Clear and professional mapping of boundaries, access & extraction points. 
  • High seats fitted in all areas. 
  • Stalking just 1.5 hrs from West London. 
  • First Class stalking for Fallow and Roe Deer. 
  • No trophy fees or success fees.
  • Unlimited stalking - just 'book and go'.
  • Members retain the venison
  • Stalker training available.

The membership PLUS option is subject to an additional fee and limited places are currently available.

Cost £POA. 

Contact Club Chairman Peter Jones on 0203 981 0159 or James Mott or Luis Passos on 0203 981 0159 for more details.

*suitability and experience is determined by the club. For those who wish to join the scheme, but do not as yet have sufficient experience, mentoring and training is available.