The Capreolus Club is a unique members club
actively involved in UK Deer Management
and the Hunting of Large Game worldwide



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Upgrade your membership to Capreolus Club PLUS status and gain unparalleled access to arguably the finest deer stalking & hunting scheme in the UK and Europe.

The scheme offers simple 'Book-and-Go' Deer Stalking for all six of the UK's deer species on both an unaccompanied and a guided basis, with just 24 hours notice, 365 days a year over a huge 22,000 acres of beautiful countryside, in a variety of locations around the south east of England. The scheme also provides unrivalled hunting in Europe, over a vast 100,000 acres of beautiful Croatian & Slovenian wilderness. Here members have unlimited Guided or Unaccompanied hunting for some of the most diverse and exciting game anywhere in Europe, ranging from Wild Boar, Wolf, Brown Bear and Mouflon to Red Stag and Roebuck.

The PLUS scheme offers unlimited stalking in the UK and Europe and ALL stalk outings, whether guided or unaccompanied, are included as part of your annual subscription*.

All stalk venues are carefully selected by our team before being approved for use in the scheme. Stalking providers for the guided element of the scheme, both in the UK and in Europe, are also thoroughly vetted and chosen for their indepth experience and knowledge, especially in guiding and assisting less experienced stalkers. All grounds within the scheme are carefully monitored and managed to ensure sustainability.  

Places are limited. To register your interest contact the office on: 0203 981 0159 or email the Club Chairman Peter Jones; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

*There is no charge for trophies when stalking unaccompanied in the UK . Trophy fees apply only to the Guided element of UK stalking and to European hunting. All Guides/Ghillie and Stalker services  in the UK & Europe are completely free and unlimited.


Benefits of the UNACCOMPANIED element of the scheme are:

  • Unlimited stalking on a simple Book-and-Go basis with just 24 hours notice.

  • First Class stalking for Fallow, Muntjac and Roe Deer.

  • No trophy fees.

  • Keep your venison.

  • Access to a growing list of areas, currently consisting of around 2,000 acres of beautiful, mixed arable, pasture and woodland in Wiltshire, Hampshire, Surrey and West Sussex, all within easy reach of London. The following estates are reserved for PLUS scheme members who wish to stalk unaccompanied:

    Salisbury | Wiltshire - 1000 acres of Fallow, Muntjac and Roe stalking, with occasional Sika
    Cobham | Surrey - 250 acres of Roe deer stalking
    Petersfield | Hampshire - 375 acres of Fallow and Roe stalking
    Baingstoke | Hampshire - 150 acres of Roe, Fallow and Muntjac stalking

    Clear and professional mapping of boundaries, access and extraction points.

  • Quality high seats fitted in all areas. 

Please note that suitability and experience for unaccompanied stalking is determined by the Club. Stalker training is also available to all Plus Scheme members who are insufficiently experienced to be able to stalk on their own.


Benefits of the GUIDED element of the scheme are:

  • Unlimited stalking on a simple Book-and-Go basis with 7 days notice.

  • First Class stalking for five of the UK’s six species of deer including Fallow, Muntjac, Roe, Red and Chinese Water Deer.

  • Access to 21,000 acres of mixed arable, pasture and woodland in six counties in the south of England, ranging from West Sussex to Hampshire, Oxfordshire to Suffolk, selected for accessibility to all members. Guided stalking is available in the following areas:

    Newmarket | Norfolk - 4,000 acres of Muntjac and Roe Stalking guided by Clive
    Guildford | Surrey - 1,000 acres of Roe stalking guided by Peter and James
    Basingstoke | Hampshire - 2,000+ acres of Fallow, Roe and Muntjac guided by Peter and James
    Oxford | Oxfordshire - 4,750 acres of Fallow, Roe, Muntjac and CWD stalking guided by Justin
    Tunbridge Wells | West Sussex - 2,000+ acres of Fallow and Roe deer stalking guided by Peter and James
    Winchester | Hampshire - 900 acres of Roe, Fallow and Muntjac stalking guided by Geoff
    Woodbridge | Suffolk - 3,500 acres of Red, CWD, Fallow, Muntjac and Roe stalking guided by Mark
    Norwich | Norfolk -  1,200 acres of Red, CWD, Muntjac and Roe stalking guided by Mark

  • Professional, qualified and carefully vetted stalking guides to assist with extraction, gralloching, lardering and invaluable guidance in getting you on the deer.

  • Quality high seats fitted in all areas.

  • Trophy fees payable at the usual club rates.


Access to guided park deer trophy hunting for guaranteed medal class beasts on arguably the UK’s finest private 1000 acre estate in West Sussex for Red, Sika, Fallow, Barasingha and Pere David.

  • Trophy Fees payable at Park Deer Rates.


Benefits of Hunting in Europe:

  • Unlimited hunting on a simple Book-and-Go basis.

  • First Class hunting over 100,000 acres of beautiful Croatian & Slovenian wilderness consisting of plantations, oak forests and river valleys.

  • Subsidised medal class Wild Boar, Roe Bucks and Red Stags.

  • Clear and professional mapping of all hunting areas with over 100 high seats & towers, many of which are fed daily with maize.

  • Full English-speaking Gillie service on demand, to assist with advice, extraction, gralloching and lardering.

  • Rifle hire is available at the lodge for Plus scheme members who do not wish to take their own firearm. Rifles are available with normal scopes for daytime hunting and night vision scopes for hunting during the hours of darkness. 

  • Daily low-cost flights from Heathrow and just a short 45 minute drive to the comfortable hunting lodge, where all meals and accommodation is just 75 Euro’s per night.

  • Members may also take non-Club members as hunting and non-hunting guest(s).