The Capreolus Club is a unique members club
committed to the environment via a
climate-focused diet 
and to the
betterment of species through the careful
selection of sustainable, wild, free-ranging animals



Supported by

Swarovski 2


Throughout the year we have a program of special members-only events and excursions. Click on any of the events below to find out more and to register your interest. In addition to these events, the club offers discounted deer stalking and bespoke trips for its members throughout the year. 

Roebuck Rut 2022

Fri 29th JULY 2022 

Club Stalk Day - Special Event. The Roe Rut.  
£480 + vat. All and any Roebuck and Muntjac are Included.

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Mayfair CC

Thur 08th SEPTEMBER 2022 

Club social event Mayfair  

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Sika Stag Dorset

Fri 14th - Sat 15th OCTOBER 2022 

The Sika Rut - Overnight Trip for Sika on the Isle of Purbeck    
£1,250.00 + vat. Includes Dinner Bed & breakfast. All Cull Stags (Prickets) are just £95 + vat.  

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Fallow Rut October

Fri 21st - Sat 22nd OCTOBER 2022 

The Fallow Rut - Overnight Trip for New Forest Fallow Buck.   
£895 + vat. Incudes Dinner & B&B. All Cull Animals just £95+ vat*. 

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Red Deer Stalking Exmoor Capreolus Club

Fri 28th - Sat 29th OCTOBER 2022 

Overnight Trip - 'Exmoor Giants' - The Red Rut in Exmoor     
£1,150-00 + vat. Includes Drinks, Dinner Bed & breakfast.

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Open Season UK

Tues 01st NOVEMBER 2022  

Club Stalk Day - Special Event - 1st Day of the 'Open Season'  
£280 + VAT All and any animals are FREE 

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Sika Rut Isle of Purbeck CC

Fri 04th - Sat 05th NOVEMBER 2022 

Overnight Trip - Sika Deer on the Isle of Purbeck, Dorset.     
£1,150.00 + vat. Includes Dinner Bed & breakfast. All cull animals (Hinds & Prickets) are just £95 + vat 

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Red Hind Stalking

Thurs 24th - Fri 25th NOVEMBER   

Red Hind Stalking, Dalness Estate, Glen Etive.      
£2250 + vat 

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Christmas tree Mayfair


Club Christmas event in London from 6.30pm 
FREE to Members.

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roe deer hunting

Fri 09th DECEMBER 2022 

Club Stalk Day - Pre-Christmas Stalk In Hampshire   
£280 + vat. Lunch and all animals in season are just £50-00.

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Exmoor Red Hind

Fri 16th - Sat 17th DECEMBER 2022 

Overnight Trip - Red Stag & Hind in Exmoor     
£1,150-00 + vat. Includes Drinks, Dinner Bed & Brunch.

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