The Capreolus Club is a unique members club
committed to the environment via a
climate-focused diet 
and to the
betterment of species through the careful
selection of sustainable, wild, free-ranging animals



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Sika Stag Dorset

Fri 14th - Sat 15th OCTOBER 2022 

The Sika Rut - Overnight Trip for Sika on the Isle of Purbeck    
£1,250.00 + vat. Includes Dinner Bed & breakfast. All Cull Stags (Prickets) are just £95 + vat.  

Put simply, this is the best Sika deer stalking in the UK.

We cannot over emphasise the quality of this event, the deer are abundant and the location on Dorsets Jurassic coast line is stunning. This SSSI nature reserve, throws its doors open exclusively to the Capreolus Club for just a few days each year. 

This first trip of the year is designed to capture the very height of the Sika rut, which is a visual and audible treat. Added to which, accommodation and dinner at the superb, nearby 'Priory Hotel' in Wareham, is utterly first class.

This is a highlight of the Capreolus Club diary. Members meet at one of the regions finest hotels, 'The Priory' in Wareham, shortly after lunch, before traveling the short distance to the stalking ground for the first of two stalk sessions. After the evening's stalk, we retire to the hotel for some fine dinning, before a good nights sleep. It is then up-and-out bright and early the next morning, to enjoy a further stalk session before breakfast and departure. 

£1,250.00 + vat. Includes Dinner, bed & Breakfast. All immature stags (Prickets) are £95-00 mature Stags are charged between £400 - £1,200 depending on quality.