The Capreolus Club is a unique members club
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Red Deer Stalking 

The UK offers some great Deer Stalking and none more so than for the UK's native and iconic Red Deer.

Typically existing in large single sex herds, Red deer come together for the Rut around September – October when the countryside or open hill comes alive with the ‘bellowing’ and ‘roar’ of the UK’s largest deer species.  

For many, Stalking Red Deer in the rut represents the epitome of the very best in UK Deer Stalking

Each year the Capreolus Club arranges stalking for Red Deer in the highlands of Scotland which has a long and proud stalking tradition. For more details of this year’s trip please visit our trips-events page. However, we also offer Red Stag stalking in the south east of England across a number of stunning private estates.